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How to Write Job Descriptions that Recruit Quality Employees

Posted by David Ballinger on Jan 14, 2019 8:57:42 AM
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Writing an employee job desciptionWhen it's time to fill an open position at your company, it's up to you to write the job description. Job descriptions seem fairly straightforward — and they are — but a poorly written job description will result in unsuitable applicants and could ultimately lead to a poor hiring decision. 

Here are some tips to help you craft a well-written job description that will get you the employees you're looking for.

Determine why this job is valuable

Before you begin writing a job description, start by asking yourself some basic questions such as, How does this position fit into the company, and why is it needed? What are the various facets of the position and how does it interface into other departments throughout the company?

The goal of the job description should be used as a guide throughout the hiring process. If you have questions about the position, meet with the appropriate person to gain a better understanding of what the job entails and why it is important.

It's may also be helpful to consider how this job has been performed in the past. Are there already personnel performing it, and what additional requirements should be added to make the new hire successful?

Choose an accurate job title

The job title should be accurate and specific. Vague job titles will cause confusion for not only the job applicant, but for the hiring manager as well. It should be reflective of what the job truly entails.

Here are some qualities of a well-chosen job title:

  • Defines the specific roles and responsibilities of the position
  • Does not exaggerate the roles or responsibilities
  • Generic enough that it will compare to other jobs in the industry, along with equity of pay and benefits
  • Self-explanatory keyword for use in job searches

Identify duties and responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities is the main part of a job description. This is what potential hires will use as a guage to decide whether or not they're interested, and for that reason, these functions should be expressed in language that the average person can understand.

You should be as specific as possible and break down the responsibilities into concise job duties.

Describe what a typical day would involve. The hiring manager must be in sync with the human resources manger in making sure that the requirements of the job are not confusing to the job applicant. This will save all parties both time and loss of productivity in their daily occupations.

List qualifications

Here is a list of what is necessary for the job.

  • Education (relevancy to the position)
  • Technical skills
  • Experience
  • Certifications

A potential candidate at a glance should be able to determine if they have what takes and if the job is the right fit for them.

Skills and competencies

Skills and competencies should be listed separately. This will help in determining if a prospective applicant can do that job.

Skills are what a potential hire can perform based upon their experience and education. An example of a skill is using the correct unit of measure to calibrate a machine.

On the other hand, a competency is a natural characteristic demonstrated by the candidate, such as being detailed oriented, having leadership or communication proficiencies.

Sell the job and the company

The job description is more than a list of what a potential hire should have. This is an opportunity to sell not only the job but the company. What is so compelling about the job that someone would want to leave their present position.

Describe the benefits, perks and salary in such a way that the job seeker will want to apply. How does it contribute to the company’s growth?

The job description is a good way for an applicant to understand the company’s culture and what may be expected of them.

A job description is just the beginning of the hiring process, if crafted right, it will go a long way in getting the best candidate for that all-important interview.

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