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How would your employees benefit from EMS?

Posted by David Ballinger on Dec 3, 2018 8:00:00 AM
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Employee wearing a hard hatWhen you're running a business, you spend a lot of time thinking about how every decision you make will benefit your business , whether that means improving efficiency or increasing profits — or both!

Too often, leadership fails to consider a major part of their business as they make decisions and set goals. What part would that be? Their workforce!

You already know that EMS (Exclusive Managed Services) benefits your business, but do you realize that it also benefits your employees? Here's how:   

More personalized support

When an employee is one of 50 or more, it's easy for them to feel insignificant or get lost in the shuffle. However, with EMS, a professional HR specialist works closely with your employees and is focused on making their work experience better and fully supported.

Here are some specific ways EMS supports employees:

  • Vacations. They measure, monitor, and approve time off for employees. This is especially helpful during holidays when everyone is trying to take time off at the same time.
  • Illnesses. If an employee calls out sick, and a person is needed to temporarily take their place, EMS has workers on standby who are both qualified and eager to fill the void as necessary.
  • Vacancies. When an employee leaves, your workforce needs a  professional who can replace the other coworker quickly so that remaining employees are not left with an unrealistic amount of work to do. 

Confidence in leadership

When leadership is unstable or constantly "changing directions", your workforce notices, and they begin to lose confidence in their employer. For companies with contingent workforces, avoiding change may seem impossible, especially if you're running your own human resources and staffing departments. As your seasonal work or temporary workforce changes, processes generally change, and whether you realize it or not, your workforce may begin to view your ever-changing processes — something you may consider to be a simple learning curve — as untrustworthy leadership.

EMS specializes in contingent workforces, and even though our goals and processes change for every company we partner with, we establish those personalized strategies before we begin working with your workforce. That way, once we've taken on HR responsibilities, your workforce can see that there is an established plan that not only works for the company, but is also trustworthy. 

Ultimately, the confidence our EMS professionals display in implementing the EMS program often transfers to employees who discover a renewed confidence in their company's leadership.

Better careers

Any time employees leave one entry-level job for another, they lose a little bit of traction in their careers. EMS's dedication to keeping good employees longer and reducing turnover not only benefits employers from a cost standpoint, but it also benefits employees from a career standpoint.

EMS may hire quickly (24-hour turnaround), but it also hires carefully. EMS professionals are careful to place the right employees with the right employers so that these workers find themselves in an environment where they will stay long enough to earn credibility, gain experience, and get promoted.

Like what you've heard about EMS so far? If you think Exclusive Managed Services can benefit your workforce, click on the banner below to learn more!

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