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Traditional Staffing vs. A Dedicated Managed Service Provider: What makes them different?

Posted by David Ballinger on Nov 5, 2018 8:00:00 AM
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HR teamThere is plenty to say about the benefits of having a dedicated managed service provider like EMS (Exclusive Managed Services), but sometimes it can be easy to overlook what it is about EMS that makes it different from other traditional staffing services.

EMS is unique in several ways, and those who have always relied on traditional staffing should know the difference between these two approaches to workforce management services. Let us explain...

Job candidates

Many traditional staffing services wait for job seekers to come to them because that is the typical approach for agencies that service multiple clients. This approach works well for clients needing only a handful of candidates, but not so well for clients using and needing a large pool of candidates.

Dedicated managed service providers go out into the field to recruit candidates. This proactive approach ensures that they have the right quantity of job seekers to staff their clients' companies and also guarantees that they find higher quality candidates for the positions they're filling.

Order fulfillment

In traditional staffing services, several people — or even several agencies — are responsible for staffing a company's workforce. It seems more people working on one task would result in higher efficacy and better support, but in reality, it often means that no one takes ownership of your company's workforce needs. Time is wasted as traditional staffing services determine who is responsible for filling an order. During this process, communication can break down, and orders can easily slip through the cracks.

Another difference between traditional staffing agencies and Dedicated managed service providers is that some agencies prioritize clients based on which one is paying more. That means that the clients who are not the highest paying experience slow order fulfillment.

With a dedicated managed service provider, one person or one small team of people is responsible for your company's staffing and workforce management. These staffing professionals are dedicated to your company regardless of how much you're paying the agency. Their attention is not divided, and they work onsite at your company so they're truly in the know when it comes to gauging your workforce's needs.


Many traditional staffing services will staff your workforce and then let you manage it all  hiring, firing, and promoting. A transitional workforce is a lot of work! You need a managed service provider that's committed to and involved in the entire process.

One of the best things about a dedicated managed service like EMS is that it not only makes transitions easier, but the program itself is designed to make transitions financially beneficial to you, the employer. 


Location, location, location! We all know how important a good location is to any business. However, the location that makes EMS successful as a dedicated managed service provider is the fact that it doesn't actually have one. Unlike traditional staffing agencies Exclusive Managed Services works onsite at your business so that our team can stay connected with your workforce, identifying and fulfilling staffing needs quickly.

To learn more about dedicated managed services like EMS, give us a call at (866) 870-8133, or do a little more research on your own by clicking the banner below!

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