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Why do I need a staffing agency if I already have an HR department?

Posted by David Ballinger on Apr 24, 2018 8:02:00 AM
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hr staffing agency partnershipYou may understand the value of a staffing agency for a business that doesn’t have a human resources department of its own. But what if your company already has a fully capable HR team? What does a staffing agency have to offer?

The answer is, quite a bit! A human resources department typically keeps many plates spinning all at once—everything from setting company policies to managing benefits to handling employee complaints. A quality staffing agency can partner with your HR department to take over some of the most time-consuming tasks (chiefly recruiting, retention, and firing), thus freeing up your team to work more efficiently.

Here are a few of the advantages that a partnership with a staffing agency can offer:

Extensive recruiting network

When it comes to a worker landing the right job, it often comes down to who they’re connected with. The same is true on the other end of the spectrum: to find the right employees for your company, the size of your network matters.

If your company only needs to fill one position every year or so, your HR team can probably build that network over time. But if you need to fill a number of positions all at once, you’ll need to know hundreds of people—or else be stuck sorting through online resumes of people who may or may not actually be qualified.

(Posting jobs online can work, but it takes a lot of manpower to filter through all of the applications you’ll receive!)

This is the key advantage of working with a well-established staffing agency: they’re already connected to a huge network of motivated job-seekers. The agency can interview and determine a candidate’s qualifications before sending them your direction, saving you hundreds of hours of searching and vetting.

Increased manpower

If your HR department consists of a small team—or maybe just you—you may have wished that you could clone yourself and your coworkers to get everything done in a day! A staffing agency doesn’t provide cloning services (which is probably a good thing), but they can provide the man-hours you so desperately need for tackling recruiting, hiring, and firing. Other agencies may also offer services to take over paperwork-heavy tasks such as payroll, insurance, workers compensation, and more.

If the staffing agency you’ve partnered with ends up creating more work by sending over unqualified applicants? It may be time to find a staffing agency who pays you more attention to avoid wasting your time.

Flexible workforce options

Perhaps your company needs a large number of seasonal workers only once a year. Maybe your workforce needs fluctuate depending on major orders. Or maybe you’re a tight-knit company that prizes harmony and efficiency, and you want to give new employees a “trial run” before making them a permanent part of your team.

For each of these scenarios, a staffing agency can help you by providing temporary (or temp-to-hire) employees. The agency acts as the employer in these cases, handling the legal side of these arrangements, providing temporary benefit packages for workers, and streamlining the process of recruiting and letting go of workers in a fair manner.

Objective quality assurance

Your company may already have an effective way to measure employee performance and a great track record for keeping great employees on board. But if you’re stuck scratching your head over a high turnover rate that doesn’t seem to make sense, your staffing agency may be able to come to your rescue. 

Some staffing agencies offer quality assurance programs, conducting regular reviews with staff members and tracking their performance with a number of carefully thought-out performance metrics. They offer a third-party perspective that can encourage discontented employees to open up about hidden problems within the organization—and this knowledge can help you set your company back on the right course.

 Are you looking for a staffing partner that pays attention to your company’s unique needs, plus offers expanded services such as those mentioned above? OpSource Staffing offers everything from basic order fulfillment to exclusive managed services for all of your HR needs. We’d love to be the right solution for your organization!

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