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Why should we use a staffing agency if we have HR?

Posted by David Ballinger on Jan 25, 2018 11:18:17 AM
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HR teamDoes your company struggle to find quality employees, or constantly need an influx of new workers every season? Or is your HR team simply overwhelmed with finding, screening and hiring applicants?

Staffing agencies aren’t just for organizations that lack a proper human resources team. Here’s why working with a staffing agency can benefit your company, even if you have an HR department:

You can free your HR team to do other strategic work

Your human resources team already has a lot on their plate: managing benefits, evaluating employee performance, keeping abreast of new regulations, and so forth. And that’s on top of handling day-to-day issues and putting out any fires that come up.

Recruiting, screening, and hiring are often the most time-consuming activities of an HR team. By outsourcing these tasks to specialists, you’ll free your HR team to effectively handle other important work. You may also be able to give them the margin they need to implement proactive initiatives, instead of merely living in a state of reaction. Staffing agencies can also take over responsibilities related to payroll, worker’s compensation, insurance and more.

Staffing agencies can find better applicants, faster

A staffing agency has a huge network to pull from in order to find the right applicants—especially if you have a large number of positions to fill all at once. They may already have several people already in their queue who match the needed qualifications, and can connect you with them quickly.

Just be sure to hire an agency that customizes each search for your company’s actual open positions, so that you know each candidate is a qualified match. (The last thing you want is an influx of unqualified applicants that the staffing agency just sent on thoughtlessly, leaving you to sort them out!)

Staffing agencies allow you to fill temporary positions

Does your company’s staffing needs fluctuate throughout the year? Perhaps your industry is seasonal, or your employee needs rise and fall with new products. An agency can provide you with a flexible workforce that can be hired on a temporary basis. This buffer can prevent you from having hire and later lay off full time employees down the road.

Staffing agencies allow you more time to get to know a potential employee

Screening and an interview can only tell you so much about an employee—sometimes it takes a few weeks to really get to know them and their working habits. If you’ve got a close-knit or high-performing team in which every position is strategic, you can work with a staffing agency to essentially “test out” a potential employee with a contract-to-hire position. During this time, the worker is an employee of the staffing agency, who handles all paperwork and insurance. You can work with the employee for 90 days and then make the decision to move them to full time—and let the employee decide whether it’s a good fit on their end as well.

Do you think your HR team could benefit from the services a staffing agency can offer? An expert from OpSource Staffing can give you complete details on what that arrangement could look like for you. Give us a call at 864-641-7540 or click the banner below to learn more.

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